Trailing Crypto Trades

Do you want to buy the bottom 😁 and sell the top 😉 ?

Most definetly you do.

Even though it's imposible to have perfect timing, we introduced trailing trades, as a trade setting, in order to help you out.

What are trailing trades ?

A trailing trade is a trade for which you set a start price, a direction (up or down) and a threshold %.

After you enter your settings and add the trade, the app will start monitoring the price.

When the price reaches your target it will start trailing in the direction you selected (up or down).

If the price goes up, your trade price will go up. (If you chose trailing up)

If the price goes down, your trade price will go down. (If you chose trailing up)

When the trend changes direction opposed to you trailing direction and de price breaks your threshold % the order will be placed at that price.

The above will allow you to sell the top using trailing up and buy the bottom using trailing down.

Think outside the box and use everything in your arsenal to increase your gains 😉!

More awesome features coming!

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