Trade Success Chrome Notifications

Why did we add the Chrome notifications ?

We received many requests to add chrome notifications for successful actions. With the release of the chrome app version 1.8.1, we have added these notifications for the user to better know when something happened with their trades.

What are Chrome notifications ?

Chrome notifications are simple messages, used to notify the user and appear on top of the chrome browser.

When will you get notified ?

  • When a trade is placed
  • When a scenario item is completed
  • When all the trades within a strategy are completed and the strategy itself is completed.

Do I need to do anything to receive them ?

The only thing you need to do is update the chrome app to the latest version and accept the notifications permision.

Alternate uses for notifications

You can use notifications as alerts

  • Go to the exchange -> coin you want to get alerted on
  • Setup a new trade using the whaletail app ( tutorial )
  • Set the amount and value of the trade to 0

Doing the above, you will get a notification for when the trade settings are met without actually placing a trade.

Think outside the box and use everything in your arsenal to increase your gains 😉!

More awesome features coming!

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