Crypto Trade Scenarios

What are scenarios?

Scenarios provide more control over your trade.

A simple trade consists of a single trade placement setting (eg. place trade when price is over 0.000500).

A scenario is similar to a simple trade but instead of a single trigger, it has multiple ordered triggers.

Trades are placed after all the trade triggers (scenario items) have been fulfilled in your desired order.

How to create a scenario?

In order to create a scenario just follow the same pattern of a simple trade. When you defined your initial trade placement setting, to add it to a scenario, just click the “ADD TO SCENARIO” button located at the bottom of the page.

For convenience, the button will move next to the trade placement setting after you added 1 item to the scenario.

Pressing the simple “SCENARIO” button will just add the current trade placement setting to the scenario’s list.

If you want to change the scenario items order you can drag and drop them in the list by the label or by the number in front of the scenario item.

To remove a scenario item just click the “ — ” button to the right of that item.

To disable but still keep the scenario item you can manually “check” the checkbox on the left side of the scenario item.

When you hit “NEXT” and go to the Trade Details (step 3 of the trade creation flow) you will see the same scenario form to be able to further tune your trade before finalising it.

A scenario item can be checked off manually or automatically after the trade has been placed and the scenario item conditions have been fulfilled.

You can see the status of your trade in the Trades List page.

There you will have a small indication for scenarios with the completion status (eg. 0/2, 1/2, 2/2).

When all the scenario items are checked/completed the trade is placed.

That’s it!

Pretty easy right ?

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